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Video games, Photos and that jazz.

Video games, Photos and that jazz.

- Jamie - 20 - UK - Photographer - Video game nerd -

Anonymous asked:
So glad you n your girlfriend are ok x

Thanks x

Anonymous asked:

Love you too xoxo

Anonymous asked:
A rough patch? What happened if you dont mind me asking..

Sorry but it doesn’t concirn yiu

Anonymous asked:
Awh guys, a year! That makes me so happy to hear. What are you doing for it? Anything planned?

I’m not really sure. I know jess wants to make plans so I’m just letting her have what she wants

Anonymous asked:
Why is everyone thinking you have? Saw a few asking on her blog. Hope youre both ok!

I don’t know why. Jess and I had a rough patch but were fine. Always have been. Its coming up to our one year next month also.

Anonymous asked:
You and jessy have split? Wtf no way. What happened?

Jess and I haven’t split.

Anonymous asked:
Do you still use tumblr? Confused

Not much really

Ask me shit

Hella bored.


Rainy selfie