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Video games, Photos and that jazz.

Video games, Photos and that jazz.

- Jamie - 20 - UK - Photographer - Video game nerd -

Anonymous asked:
Do you still use tumblr? Confused

Not much really

Ask me shit

Hella bored.


Rainy selfie

Anonymous asked:
are you looking to get some? So cute when couples do that x

Um in not exactly.sure, we haven’t really spoken about it if im honest

Anonymous asked:
you and your girl have any matching tattoos?

Nope we don’t as of yet

Anonymous asked:
Oh so you're not coming back on? Just answering some questions ?

Pretty much.

Anonymous asked:
awh, sad to hear. Whats the reason you won't become active?

just not interested in it anymore really.

Anonymous asked:
you two are posting again! <3 With the amount of attention you guys were getting at one point you were bound to get a few dicks who would give you both shit. Glad to see you're back x]

Aha i wouldn’t go that far on me, if i get a question ill answer it that’s about it ha